Are you looking for a unique, exciting and memorable activity for your hen party in Marrakech (bachelorette party or a birthday gift or a corporate event)?

A Marrakech Belly Dancing Class is the perfect choice for a bride-to-be who loves dancing and the idea of an original hen/bachelorette activity.

Learn seductive belly dancing moves with an experienced belly dance instructor in a supportive and joyous atmosphere.

We offer a various choice of belly dance lessons from classical style (Raqs Sharqi) or Morrocan Chaabi to Egyptian stype (Baladi).

private belly dancing lessons Marrakech
private belly dancing lessons Marrakech
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Our belly dance lessons offers

We offer a wide range of choices, tailored to our clients’ needs and dance level, giving them full satisfaction:

  • Private belly dance lessons for hen weekend/bachelorette party in Marrakech (or a birthday party).

  • Online belly dance classes (coming soon. Interested persons may subscribe to our newsletter or our waiting list to get informed asap) ·

  • Coaching for intermediate belly dance students pour danseuses semi-professionnelles,

  • On demand choreography creation (for a wedding party or a corporate event)

  • Coaching for professional belly dancers

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What we offer :

 Beginner’s belly dance class- Learning belly Dancing Basics 

In this beginner’s lesson, you will learn the basics techniques of belly dancing. This includes:

·       The classic hips movements (circles, ondulations, shimmies..Etc.),

·       Arms and shoulders movements.

·       Movements coordination between different body parts

·       Travelling and use of the space

·       Introduction to basic Arabic music rhythms and patters

This course puts the foundation ground for the next level. It suits perfectly for a Marrakech hen party !

Intermediate belly dance lessons - Belly Dance Technique

This class is dedicated to dancers who master the basics of belly dancing. We will refine some of the basic techniques and additionally explore some more advances moves. Turns and travel steps are included in the “across the floor” segment of class. You will also learn how to form routines. Usually the class closes with a structured improvisation to wind down, and draw from within.

Coaching for professional belly dancers

Professional belly dancers seeking to improve the quality of their performance will be coached by a professional instructor and choreographer with a proven pedagogic and performing experience. This is private class. Acceptance is confirmer upon a video demo of your performance.

Choreography workshops for professional belly dancers

This workshop is dedicated to professional belly dancers with a prior dance/stage experience. You will be though how to compose choreography for yourself. You will learn: how to analyze the music that you want to use for your dance, and build dance phrases step by step, how to use the stage and manage the space in a ay that ads more value to your dance in value, the aesthetic of dance. At the end each participant will receive a personalized session to help her work on a specific project.

Attire/Preparation: We recommend wearing comfortable form fitting fitness attire and bringing a scarf to tie around your hips, We dance barefoot (with or without socks). Belly dance costumes & accessories may be available for purchase.

Our location : We are 7 minutes far from the Medina (jamaa lefna square) by car/taxi. Please find the map below.

Our location :

( 5/10 foot from Majorelle garden/ A few steps from Carré Eden shopping center)

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